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On NYE I treated myself on a birthday voucher I had for a 'Classic Manicure' at Swanky Lash & Brow Bar in Kensal Rise, London.  So many times I have walked past Swanky but never taken a peek inside. I don't really like spending money on nails, especially when I can do it at home. But once in a while (one of my new New Year resolution) you gotta treat yourself. And Swanky is the place to get treated.

On a typical dark rainy London afternoon, Swanky was illuminated with pinkness in the middle of a gloomy street. A petite beauty shop decorated with pink baroque wallpapers, white ornate framed mirrors, rows of a wide range of nails polishes and chatty beauticians. At first I was a bit taken back by the extremely friendly chatter amongst customers and staff - this is London, who genuinely cares about what you're doing tonight?
But that is what makes Swanky stand out from going to those rapid, silent, uncomfortable yet so cheap, run-in-and-run-out Oriental populated nails shops. It was the familiar conversations that made the nail polish flow.

Ladies scurried in to get a quick fix-up on their tiny problems of chipped nails whilst boosting out their [insert incredibly posh accent] 'trip to the Bahamas, darling' or gossiping about the weekend before on what really went on at the trendy pub down the road. I was so surprised to know that my very own hometown actually has hot gossip about the hipster yuppie clique living in Kensal Rise (especially without the mention of exclusive Ladbroke Grove or Westbourne Park).

Apart from the chitter-chatter inside and the pitter-patter rain outside, I had possibly one of the best nail colours I have ever seen...

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you, the colours of all colours, a fusion of red plum with cherry and blackcurrant pie - put your hands together for...!

Berry nice, dontcha think?

My Verdict

So, would I be going back to Swanky again?
- Deffooo. (when I have the money of course)

Do I recommend yous lots to go in?
- It's a must. If you're ever in the area then you're in treat to go to a place where you can get your eyebrows and eyelashes plus manicures and pedicures done under one roof.  



Was a bit too claustrophobic when heated convos steamed the room. 
Bit pricey - but worth it!

It's also a New Years resolution to start blogging on here more!

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