Off To The Races

These are my much loved photos taken by photographer Heinz Peter Knes of Lana Del Rey in Formula 1 jackets.
My friend and I have both agreed that we've never seen any other photos of Lana Del Rey that look as stunning and mesmerizing than these.  

I'm so in love with her.


Graffiti @ Brick Lane

Had a strolling down Brick Lane, East London, today. I always forget how uber-cool the graffiti is down there. It's graffiti at it's best. No bad spelling swear words or tags or abnormal drawings of gentiles. Just the coolest, most attractive and admirable graffiti  (no, I should say), street art in London. 

Look at the detail on that! How incredible...



A HBO new series of four twenty-something girls living in New York. Sounding familiar? Reminding you of Sex And The City? Complete opposite.

First aired on 15th April, 2012. Created by Lena Dunham, directed by Lena Dunham, Executive produced by Lena Dunham and also starring Lena Dunham. This girl is a TV genius.

The reason why it is becoming my favourite TV show is because it does not show the glossy image of young life, e.g; finding a job after parents stop giving you money, trying soo hard to break up with a tender womanly boyfriend and wondering if it is too early to settle down. The amount of laugh out loud cringing moments that happen are so much that I refrain myself from drinking anything or else it will go all over my laptop screen.

I love this so show much. For so many reasons. Dunham says "Gossip Girl was teens duking it out on the Upper East Side and Sex and the City was women who figured out work and friends and now want to nail family life. There was this whole in between space that hadn't really been addressed," 
It's a show that I don't constantly lust over the clothes or attractive characters, but instead I'm concentrating on the plot. I don't see any cliché moments or repeats of other shows, just realistic and original dilemmas in life. 

A definite must-watch. Just definite. 

- Lena Dunham, second right.


Drip Drop Gold

This is my design of sparkly red nail varnish underneath with a metallic gold dripping effect on to. It reminds me of superhero colours, Wonderwoman, no?

Barry M - Glitter Red
Sparkle & Fade - Metallic Gold


Beastie Boys : Outfit Day

" Beastie Boys know how to let the beat,


Beastie Boys. My boys. I started listening to their music about two years ago, and I was hooked on the first beat. Seriously.  The first song that I loved instantly was Intergalactic, it blew my minnnddd within the first few seconds. I laugh and love their witty, hilarious and complete silly raps and rhymes, "I'll stir fry you in my wok" and "I like my sugar with coffee and cream". 

They will always be the odd, immature and insane white boy rappers that changed the look on rap. They so cleverly fused hip-hop and rap and rock and punk. Complete opposites, yet sound incredible together. 

It's a shame that people my age don't really know about Beastie Boys and only think about Eminem whenever they think of white rappers. Though, Eminem said it was the Beastie Boys that heavily influenced him to start rapping. 

Therefore, this post goes out to MCA, a member of Beastie Boys who has died recently. You'll be truly missed, but never forgotten. Stay rocking in the afterlife. Rock in peace. 

(mine: instagram, tumblr)



Happy 26th Birthday Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen!

How do they manage to always dress effortlessly glamorous and edgy? I do not know. They just know fashion inside and out.  I've loved them for nearly all my life. I wish them a happy birthday and  wish for many many years off awing and lusting over their style.

I even have a separate folder of all the images I love of them saved over the years; editorials, street style and red carpets, you name it. There's probably more of these images below, but had to limit it to 30. And I didn't want to do an Olsen spam.. so instead I made a collage.

Lots of love xx


These are probably my favourite pics of them, what's yours?? 

(olsenanonymous , tumblr, style.com) 

(collage made on photovisi.com )


Zara's Inspirations

Whenever I walk into Zara, three things that come into mind instantly are: Chanel, Prada and Givenchy Resort.
And the first three things I actually say out loud are: Oh my god, I want this, I need this.
It's so easy to point out where Zara get their inspiration from for their Spring/Summer collections.

The sky blue lace skirts and blazer soft couching are uncertainly reminders of classic Chanel looks. 

I get the Prada essence when I see printed shirts and dresses that remind 50's American summer.

The bold and striking printed shirts look incredibly like the tropical captivating Givenchy Resort collection.

Here, take a lookie >

(zara, google, style.com) 


Calling Agent P...

I'm a sucker for lingerie. Even more for the most expensive kinds. Two words that will make my heart tremble.

Agent Provocateur.

Ahhhh, this will be my second post of Agent Provocateur (the other was on my previous blog) - this definitely shows my love.  I love that I can find raunchy and loud under garments that are truly elegant and soft and the same time.

ARRRR! When will I be able to afford an item, ANY TIME,  from A.P ??!

The first picture is truly my favourite. The single streak of light shining on the vibrant colour gave me shivers.

Remember this bawdy bra??

 Rihanna looking lustful in Agent. P

(agentprovocateur, google)
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