LDR for H&M

When I was looking through my recent Elle magazine I froze when I finally saw a printed version of Lana Del Rey for H&M. Then I froze again yesterday when I saw her commercial for H&M. She sings 'Blue Velvet' in her signature style, like melting icing.

I don't know when H&M are realising this collection, but the day it does, I'll be there. Fo sure.

Also, yesterday I heard the full version of 'Damn You'. I remember when I was on Tumblr, I heard a 30 second snippet of the song. At the end of the clip I was nearly in tears because I wanted more. The song matched exactly what happened to me that night. Lying down in my room at 3am replaying and replaying the 30 second long clip.
It's such a simple song. Repeated verses and choruses. Sounds like a song that was made in a day on a cheap digital music software. But it's the simplicity that entices me.

(youtube, my own picture)


Gaga X Terry #2

Again, my two loved eccentric artists come together for Lady Gaga's latest tour, letting Terry Richardson snap exclusive and raw behind the scenes and backstage photographs.

Here's my so far favourites.

More madness than before 

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