Lana @ Versace - sorry, yet another Lana post

Whoever styled Lana for this event, please can you style her some more, pwetty pweeaase?

I used to prefer Lana's style back when she was first on the scene. You know, that look of flowery head bands resting on her Hollywood waves in her brown hair, as she twists her locks with her red talons and a gold' n 'tacky knuckleduster. She definitely had that exact 'gangster Nancy Sinatra' vibe that caught all the attention. But maybe that was the initial thought behind it all, because she didn't look anything like the norm.

So from the contrasting Hollywood look - glamorous and tacky - she sort of ditched that and run into plaid shirts and blue jeans whenever she hit the stage. A VERY relaxed look that made me miss her old style. But now, after seeing pics from Versace F/W 2013 at Milan Fashion Week I can see she's brought back a lil 'umph' to her style.

A huddle group photo of Lana rubbing shoulders with Donatella Versace herself and also... Janet Jackson?!! I think Lana is liking this high-end fashion scene. Even though she admitted that she's not that much into fashion and leaves it to her stylist, I will give ALL my thanks to the stylist. Whoever this stylist is, she has transformed the little Lolita into a sultry gothic siren.

*aahhh i'm jittering in fashion happiness*


Lana talking to Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of Vogue Italia. I think a magazine editorial is in the air??

Janet Jackson, Donatella Versace, Lana Del Rey and Melissa George

I can see a Versace and Lana collab coming onnnn...


H&M Haul - My Mother, The Secret Fashion Stylist

H&M always have this on-going sale. I normally just walk in, then walk out 'cos the mess in the sale section is horrible, cluttered and stressful.
But when you have reliable sidekick like your mother, then there's no need to panic; she'll be able to find the diamond in rough because, Mother knows best.

I'm serious. She knows my exact style. She knows I like that Biker look with a bit of girlie-ness added - which this jacket, that I brought on sale for £15 from £24.99, proves my point exact. It has that Biker and Chanel-esque look going orrnn. So, lazy me saw the jacket that my mum picked out, liked it, tried it on, then proceeded to the checkout to buy, but I got summoned back by my mother when she said "You can't just buy that! Find something else to match with that!" Her inner fashion stylist was coming out. 

I found this leopard multi-coloured print scarf that really caught my attention. It's so prettttty! I think it was £7.99 ? Bit pricey for a scarf, but ain't it a beauty?

So the moral of the story is, go shopping with your mother. She'll find items that really suit your style because she knows you better than you do, right?



'Girls' crushing

I'm thinking of her right now. There's more than one girl. I used to have many of them when I was younger, but now I think I've grown up a little bit more.

No, I'm not coming out of the closet here. I'm talking about that one girl/friend that you can't help but admire and you're so intrigued in her life that you end up wanting to look and be like her. You know, the girl that can walk into a party and say 'I didn't even get properly dressed for this' but she still looks flawless, probably a lot better than you and your pre-organised outfit that you assembled a week or two before.
This is what I think was running in Lena Dunham's (creator of tv show Girls) mind when she was creating the role for Jessa; a bohemian, free-spirit and extremely popular girl. In an interview I read, Lena had to persuade her real-life friend, Jemima Kirke (cousin of Alice Dellal and the Dellal clan) to play the part of Jessa. Jemima was hesitation at first, as painting is more her forte, but gave in. Lena knew that she'd would be perfect to play the part of Jessa, because it was in fact Jemima that gave her the inspiration for Jessa. Can you imagine asking your girl crush to play a effortlessly cool character that you created because of them? Awkward, or what?

If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then, WATCH GIRLS! It's the greatest female comedy since Sex and the City. I've even blogged about it before.

Getting back on track, the real question is, who's your girl crush? Not a celebrity, but a person that you actually know. The girl that you'd love to spend a whole day with her so you can copy the cool things she does and to experience what it's like to be a bit on the wild side. A bit like a girl like 'Carmen' by Lana Del Rey.
Although, my personal experience of this never turns out to be so lovely. After a while of being with your girl crush, it seems like too much for me. It feels as if I was never being truly myself because I was trying to hard to match her personality. I could only spend a day with her, or else I'd become a clone. I wonder if anyone else feels like this?

Relating it back to Girls, Hannah (Lena Dunham) always seems in awe of Jessa's situations and lightens up in her presence. She's that type of girl Hannah wants in her life, the adventurous and courageous girl who doesn't mind hopping into the same bath as her friend, despite the fact of nakedness.

I have to admit, I don't have a girl crush anymore. Generally these girls end up being my close friends or I lose contact with ( possibly because I can't match up with their hectic lifestyle). Do I want another girl crush? Maybe... I want someone who can just remind me that 'life isn't that hard' and to 'take a walk on the wild side' - too many Lana Del Rey quotes.

Then again, I hate that feeling of wanting to be someone you're not. I'm fine who I am (finally).

But I do want a friend like Jessa though.

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