I love freckles.

Sun spots. Spots of imperfections. Spots of flaws.
Those negative words do not harm me. 
I just find them incredibly interesting.

Recently, Proenza Schouler and Jeremy Scott have been using models with freckles,
or creating false dots on the models noses and cheeks. 

It adds that childish and also softness glow.

My mum told me the other day that my freckles were coming up more because of the sun. Very happy now. 
She feels bad that I inherited it from her, I feel blessed.

(beautylish.com , tumblr, google)


Bare Model

I love looking at polaroids of models. Maybe it's because they haven't got layers and layers of make up, or clothes that cost more than my house?
 They look fresh looking, more natural. Like how models should look. This is what girls, the ones who are easily influenced by media, should admire  - Models in their natural state.

My polyvore

(Acne, Balmain, Alexander Wang, Asos, Estee Lauder, Casio)

 What I would wear going to 'go-sees' as a model. Simply casual and effortlessly cool.


My French Style Icône

Je t'aime, Francoise Hardy

Today I had to do a presentation in French about French speaking singers. 
I love listening to french music even though most of time I'm only understanding half of what they're saying.

This is her most favourite song, Tous Les Garcons. 
It's about the girls and boys her age all walk around happy and cheerful, but she doesn't. Because nobody who wants or to love her.
At first you would think it's a really pleasant song, especially if you don't understand French, but deep down the beautiful light hearted singer has a deeper meaning.

She dresses so effortlessly and casual chic. I'm in absolute love with her hair; the feathered fringe, her make-up; dark black top liner cat eyed and her smile; so pretty and sincere. 

I would admit that our styles are quite similar, I can't leave my house without my eye-liner and I too have the same style of hair...

Except for the clothes, she has a much more Parisian chic than me.

Slightly reminds me of Alexa Chung



Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012

Again, (luckily) in textiles I'm studying another fashion designer that I actually liked. Previously I did Givenchy Couture and Mary Katrantzou. Now, I'm doing Vivienne Westwood and Dolce & Gabbana. 

So fun and interesting!

I love it that I can talk about what really inspires me, not just constant research about different materials and fabrics and materials and fabrics and fabrics and materials and, oh yeah, more materials!

At this moment I'm doing research on how Dolce & Gabbana use ancient historical materials and designs, but creates it into a modern beauty. The meeting of romantic Baroque Italy with the 21st Century woman.

For instance opulent lace material would be used as a mini-skirt or a see-through top showing underwear underneath; but done in the most tasteful way.

Dolce & Gabbana, at their finest.




ELLE April 2012: The Olsens

I was so excited when I saw my ELLE subscription delivered by post and squeezed through the letter box.  I didn't have an idea who was on the cover.  So the sound I made when I found out that The Olsens were on the cover was quite an ear piercing cry.

It's funny to think that when I was so young they were such a child-star love of mine. Now, 10 years and more on, I still can't get enough of them. 

Their deer caught in headlights eyes, unbrushed bleached hair, dark and layered sense of style makes them such a fashion influence of mine. 

They can never leave their uber stylish Manhattan apartments without looking like they have stepped off the runway from a sombre artistic collection, and also without their Starbucks beverage.

I think they are every style lover's inspiration. 

How can you not love them!

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