It's all in black and white

It's becoming difficult for me to not buy something that is either black or white. I used to love colour! My favourite colour is pink! Though you would rarely see me wearing pink. 

Looking at my wardrobe, the majority of it looks like it belongs to a Parisian drama student. Black dresses, black tops, black trousers, etc. I try so hard not to leave the house wearing all dark clothes. 

If I'm not wearing something dark, then it will be white. I love white. The white and black combo is my fav - ah, monochrome, ah, so lovely. 

If you take a look at my tumblr you'd see reoccurring outfits photos of girls wearing white and/or black. It's such an inspiration to me - also makes me wonder if I could dare to change my style completely and go monochrome. I'd wear beautiful sheer black shirts with leather white jackets, paired with Celine-like black heeled sandals... sounds heavenly. Black and white is so easy, no fuss and no need to see if you're clashing too many colours together. 

If I do dare to do this, this will be my inspiration, my go-to when I'm clueless on outfit ideas:




(photos and source from tumblr, collage made by fotor)


"It's a celebration of the elegant woman; she's becoming an endangered species," - Prabal Gurung - NYFW S/S 2013

I'm trying to stay up-to-date with all these Fashion Weeks ahead. So firstly, we start of with New York Fashion Week. I've been spying on some Tommy Ton candid street style, and all I can say, these fashionistas are taking sophisticated sportswear to the max. I can tell that the trends for spring/summer next year we will still be sporting the athletic attire.

However, Prabal Gurung is showing a different story. He wants to bring back elegance. And I don't blame him! His collection blends an opulent Marilyn Monroe-esque 50s woman with the 21st futuristic female. Patterns of beautifully sketched roses are screen-printed onto plastics creating a high-tech effect and modernising elegance.

His influence, I'd say, is Gaga meets Marilyn. Fluorescent meets pastel. Harshness and daring meets beauty and grace. The grace is shown by the perfectly draped dreamy satin of pastels. The bold cuts and structures of the garments enhances the futuristic element.

This is the first collection of Prabal Gurung that I've seen - yes, I admit it. And I will confess that I have already fallen in lurveee.

I wonder what is next to see for the rest NYFW... I'm way too excited.

(all images taken from Style.com)

Havana, Cuba - July 2013

My blogging has been VERY inconsistent. I apologise. To be honest I don't know how many people are still reading this blog...

I've been doing quite a lot this summer; travelling, festivals, going out for dinner... and watching a heap of YouTube videos - if you call that an activity. But for most days I sit in front of my computer doing... god knows?... for hours. And I always forget to blog.

None of that anymore! So I'll tell you what I've been up to this summer... before summer's over.

Firstly, I'll start with my trip to Cuba in July.

My dad and I went to Havana, Cuba, for six days. I've been to a few places in the Caribbean but none of them were like Cuba. Havana feels like living in the past. It is a country where there's no internet access for residents, vintage cars from the 60s/70s and homes that have not been re-decorated since it was made.

This may sound like an unattractive place to live but the city has so much beauty. Even though buildings and homes were run down and the paintwork was slowly scratching off, it showed so much history and remind me of what cities in Spain would look like in the 60s. Obviously there is a great Spanish influence, and also a retro American influence - Chevys and retro Miami looking apartments.

On the down side, poverty is very apparent there. I don't want to create a depressing tone, but it's a communist country where the people want so much to change and to modernise, however the government won't have it, so things economically are moving very slowly. I do partly agree with everyone making the same wage, I'm all for equality and fairness, but most Cubans earn only £23/5 a month and they can survive by that - is that really fair Communism?

Too many italics in that, I know.

Using the word survive means 'JUST about living'. Who wants to be 'just about living' for your whole life? Most of these Cubans, but not all, have to live their lives like this.

Ok, NOW the tone of this post is turning depressing. I'll show you pictures of my trip now.

Bare in mind, the pictures may look interesting and archaic, but these are just pictures, imagine yourself seeing this - everyday.

 *A lot of these photos were taken whilst driving. It was the best way to discover the city. So sorry for the reflection of the window, my photography skills will improve - some day.

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