Must Watch: The Power of Pussy

I said to myself, "tonight will be an early night". I'm getting fed up of not having enough sleeping hours. So I said to myself, 11pm I'll be asleep.

But I couldn't get to sleep.

I found myself on Facebook, something that I never go on any more. And when I do it's only for the occasionally stalking or to contact friends/family abroad. So when I heard that lil "pop" of a notification at 11.31pm I hesitated to consider either reading the message, which will keep me up for probably another 30mins or so, or, to pretend I heard nothing and 'by accident' sign off.

It turned out to be my friend sending me a link of a YouTube video. She asked "have you seen the power of pussy yet???"

The Power of Pussy? What in the hell was that? I instantly thought it'd be about some scientific feminists proclaiming how the vagina possess some magical powers.

I told her, "no". She replied,  "I'm going to bed but if u haven't watched it, you'll love it".

So this left me in a dilemma. So, struggle going to sleep whilst pondering what this video could be about? Or watch it, be happy, then moan about my little sleep in the morning?

The second one sounded much much better.

An hour and a bit later. I was buzzing. I didn't care if I had 7 hours sleep left... My life was complete.

You may be wondering now what was this video about????

One word. Strippers.

Yes, strippers. The Power of Pussy is a online documentary, four part series of strippers working in Atlanta, Magic City - Premier Adult Entertainment.

Initially I thought it would be glamourising stripping and boost about how much they make and all they do is dance. But this doc ain't glamourising nothing. It showed how difficult and frustrating it can be. Not only do they fear of being semi-naked (and fully) in front of a room of people, but they also fear if this job would turn into a life-long career. Being labelled as as stripper leads to many negative opinions... Could they ever find a serious job, despite their past?

'Strippers' is the incorrect word, 'adult entertainer' fits their features. They. Are. Fit. Girls. They climb up the pole, then to drop back down, then spin their whole body around the pole, just using one arm - and don't forget they are wearing stilettos whilst making themselves look effortlessly sexy throughout without showing a spec of tiredness or pain... and this, ladies and gentleman, is the sport of pole dancing.

Although they know it's not the ideal job, but these girls interviewed didn't seem unhappy in their jobs. They get to be with other girls that have been through the same rough past that has led them to working at Magic City. Like a sense of community within the club. But the best thing is, they also learn how to 'twerk' and shake their derriere in a 'classy way' in front of a 'gentleman'.
All the girls have a nickname, like the name of their alter-ego. Once they get up on stage their ultra provocative ego can be unleashed to a room of the unknown drowsy men. 

The Power of Pussy neither glamourised nor demoralise these women. It was a doc that made me totally respect strippers adult entertainers even more. I always have, especially because it's amusing to think that us women can get paid for flaunting our assets - the things our mama gave us.



NIKKI S LEE : The Chameleon

I remember seeing this picture a few months ago. I don't know why I fell in love with this photograph, but I just did.

Just seemed like a casual picture of Latinas in America. The halter neck and high waisted denim jeans, tacky and fake gold jewellery, dagger nails and tightly slicked back hair. 

But one of them is a fake Latina. 

You may pick the one that sitting down as she has Asian features, but at first I bet you just assumed she was a Latin girl? Probably half Latin and half Asian? 

Indeed, the girl sitting down is the fake one. Her name is Nikki S Lee and she is a Korean artist. 

Look back and the picture again. Doesn't it just look like the girls are both good friends, posing outside their home after putting up the clothes on the washing line? Nikki S Lee is so talented at posing casually. I wish I could too, without my hands getting clammy and my face turning hot when a camera is pointed at me. 

I call her 'The Chameleon' because she is able to be immersed into any subculture group in New York, pushing the boundaries of identity. I wouldn't say she's an actress dressed up in costumes to fit the role of different identities, think of her more as a method actress, going through extraordinary transformations whilst become a member of her new community. She would not only know how to imitate the ethnic and social group characteristics and style; but finding out their true values in life. 

Lee poses in every one of her photographs for this project, as if they are self portraits of the various identities she can become. It's not about her showing off and beautifully posing in every picture; it is to show her audience of her investigations if identity can be self-defined or classified by society?

She has investigations in many ethnic and social groups; drag queens, punks, swing dancers, senior citizens, Latinos, hip-hop musicians and fans, skateboarders, lesbians, young urban professionals, exotic dancers, tourists and Korean schoolgirls.


Happy Ladies Day

I know it was yesterday, but I only realised it was Women's International Day at 23:58 last night. And it was only this morning that I thought of the perfect song for this day...

There isn't a Beyonce that doesn't get women feeling so empowered.

So, enjoy!!

There's nothing better than pretending you're Beyonce at the VMAs. So enjoy and get up and shake dat boot-tay like Beyonce!



Top Japanese Restaurants in London

Are you tired of having cold sushi with the hard rice inside? Are you tired of the same old Katsu Curry and Teriyaki stuff?? Are you tired of soups that just taste like tasteless water???

Forget YO Sushi and Wagamama's  (...for like a sec, cos I know they are yummy places)

And read about my favourite Japanese restaurants!


A few weeks ago, on a Saturday night I had a dinner date with my friend at Koya, Soho, London. Koya is small and compact authentic Japanese restaurant where you can find the best tempura, udon noodles and soups. Being my second time having a meal at Koya, you would think that I'd try something unusual and interesting that appeals to me because I've been there before. But no, I chose the exact same meal as before. Even though it was months and months ago that I went for the first time, I could still taste that crispy prawn tempura, slowly melting in the hot refreshing soup. Mmm...

If you are ever in the area of Central London, freezing your butt off, and feel like your fingers, toes and nose are going to fall off then waddle yourself into Koya so you can warm up with a tempura soup you'll never forget.

Tokyo Diner

Before my dad and I went to see that new Spiderman film. We always, religiously, go and find somewhere to eat first - so we don't pig out on popcorn and ice cream in the cinema. So we found this place on the corner of Chinatown that looked quite special. 

We have this theory that if you see Japanese people eating in a Japanese restaurant, then you know it's a good Japanese restaurant. Right?

It was probably the most authentic Japanese restaurant I've ever been to because they told us as a Japanese tradition they do expect tips. Any tips left mistakenly would be taken to the Homeless centre. As a student you'd be pleased to hear this, but I'm not gonna lie, the prices of meals seemed as if the tips were added on by itself. 

The menu was jam packed with a wider range of meals all popping out at me. I usually order chicken teriyaki meals, as a safe bet in Japanese restaurants that I'm unsure of. As I knew this place was authentic as it gets, I decided to choose something that I knew the taste of - so I would know the difference between real and unique, and chain restaurants. 

I've never tasted such a fresh chicken glazed in mouth-watering seasoned teriyaki sauce before. Just look at the picture, you can even see how good it looks.

I haven't been there since, but from what I remember they give you great portions of food, miso soups with meals, gallons of  Jasmine tea and heaps of goodness. 

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