Les Miserables (2012)

Yes.  The fantastic classic is coming to the cinema.  As I sat in the cinema watching the trailer, all I heard was "I dreamed a dream time gone by" and I knew what it would be about.  I must admit I haven't seen Les Mis in at the theatre, but I basically know must of the songs. Thanks to Glee, Susan Boyle and weird primary school choir lessons.

This film looks so empowering;  the cast, the singing.. definitely an Oscar nominee. I forget how much I love "I Dreamed a  Dream" ; the context of the song is so depressing but they way how the singer must sing it has to have a tone of hope within because they believed that life would be better.  Anne Hathaway does a beautiful adaptation of the song - impossible to know it's her.



Happy Halloween Chicas

Was suppose to post this earlier in the week, but still recovering from double-whammy fancy dress parties.  If you don't know, you should know that I'm the type of girl that goes all out when it comes to fancy dress.  It just makes the partying a lot more fun when you're dressed in a different identity; plus it definitely breaks the ice at parties cos everyone is looking like a complete fool.

This year, for Halloween I was inspired by the Mexican festival, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a time to celebrate the lives of their loved ones that have past.  I think it's such a beautiful ceremony that should be encourage in many other societies.
I face painted, yes all my myself, these designs. It took about 1h 30, only cos I was messing it up and was unsure on what to do and I took my timmmeee - because I was early to the party, haha. Anyway, voila!

Yes. I know. I look scary. 

Second night for my friend's bday party, I was Avatarrrr!!

Whatcha think of my face painting skillz?


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