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New obsession : Anja Konstantinova

Why? : Why not?

OK I'll answer better than just why not. 

1. She's super adorable, but also looks mean at the same time. (in a good way of course)

2. She's 5'4" !!!!??!?!?!  - same height as me so I'm pretty proud to say there's a successful petite model out there who's doing high end fashion; not just cheesy commercial fashion or portraits (so you can't see her proportion)

3. She Russian/Australian.

4. She's been in Vogue, and other magazines, but Vogue is all you need to know.

5. She has a lip tattoo that says 'MEOW' and a back of the neck tattoo that say 'CAT'

6. She has done a modelling editorial for Wildfox; one of the best editorials I have ever seen.  

7. She is my short hair inspiration. 

8. She rocks the bleached eyebrows so well.

I therefore announce, drum roll pleaseeee, Anja Konstantinova in Wildfox Swim!


The Kimye Situation

Having a trendy and fashionable guy/girl on your arm is the latest accessory. Well, to be honest, we all know this; it's been a fact for decades. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, Brangelina, Posh & Becks, Barack and Michelle Obama... etc. They would never be caught dead wearing matching outfits, but some how their different styles compliment each others so perfectly. Some may think it's the woman in relationship who tells the guy what to wear and what matches with what. But in the 'Kimye' situation, we all know who wears the fashion pants in that relationship; designer leather fashion pants in fact.

It is clear to see that Kim Kardashian's style has changed, pre-Kanye West she wore colour blocking and figure-hugging dresses that looked like 'eh, typical Kardashian style, nothing new to see'. But now... I haven't seen her wear as much leather, fur, black, high pony tails and high neck tops than ever before. From Yeti-like coats and to studded encrusted dresses, what he makes; she wears. I must admit Kanye's RTW collections looks stunning on her.  Maybe Mr. West sees her as promoting his own designer products? ... No. I doubt it. I know what they have is true love, but how far would you change your style to suit the candy on your arm? 
To be honest if I had a fashion icon boyfriend I wouldn't mind if he suggested what I should wear. Although, I question, does she miss the old Kim?

Exhibit A: notice the Pre-Kanye style. Doesn't it look like the usual Kardashian style? Even her hair styling has changed. High buns and high pony tails; it definitely contours her features but it loses her fun and girly vibe that we see in Pre-Kanye images. 

From sources, (it's probably not so valid) Kanye was embarrassed to take Kim on his trip to Paris Fashion Week. I guess it's understandable because I can't imagine a flock of designers pleading her to be in their Front Row. So in order for Kanye to take his girl to all the fashion capitals, a transformation was needed. 

Kanye has definitely taken the 'one or the other' concept into action. You know the rule of if you decide to show your cleavage you must cover up your legs and bum, and vice versa. Nowadays I rarely see her cleavage, now I just see many pencil skirts that exaggerate her famous buttocks. Actually, I tell a lie, I have she her show her cleavage 'with Kanye' and that dress was a showstopper; a green velvet deep V-neck beauty. But thinking about that, the dress was below knee length and shoulder-arm length. SEE! My conspiracy is proven!

I know that Kanye isn't controlling her and I am sure she also decides what she wants to wear. Even though her style has changed, she still adds that Kardashian essence. I can definitely say that the fashion figures are taking her more seriously now. I believe her style before was to show off her appearance, now I see her style is to show off her fashion sense. If my boyfriend told me what I should and shouldn't wear constantly, I would start to think he wants to change my individuality, but if he is a fashion icon, then maybe I would consider his suggestions - maybe. 

Overall, Kanye is the right boyfriend for her, and the perfect stylist too!


Les Miserables (2012)

Yes.  The fantastic classic is coming to the cinema.  As I sat in the cinema watching the trailer, all I heard was "I dreamed a dream time gone by" and I knew what it would be about.  I must admit I haven't seen Les Mis in at the theatre, but I basically know must of the songs. Thanks to Glee, Susan Boyle and weird primary school choir lessons.

This film looks so empowering;  the cast, the singing.. definitely an Oscar nominee. I forget how much I love "I Dreamed a  Dream" ; the context of the song is so depressing but they way how the singer must sing it has to have a tone of hope within because they believed that life would be better.  Anne Hathaway does a beautiful adaptation of the song - impossible to know it's her.



Happy Halloween Chicas

Was suppose to post this earlier in the week, but still recovering from double-whammy fancy dress parties.  If you don't know, you should know that I'm the type of girl that goes all out when it comes to fancy dress.  It just makes the partying a lot more fun when you're dressed in a different identity; plus it definitely breaks the ice at parties cos everyone is looking like a complete fool.

This year, for Halloween I was inspired by the Mexican festival, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a time to celebrate the lives of their loved ones that have past.  I think it's such a beautiful ceremony that should be encourage in many other societies.
I face painted, yes all my myself, these designs. It took about 1h 30, only cos I was messing it up and was unsure on what to do and I took my timmmeee - because I was early to the party, haha. Anyway, voila!

Yes. I know. I look scary. 

Second night for my friend's bday party, I was Avatarrrr!!

Whatcha think of my face painting skillz?



Chanel's Little Black Jacket

A while back I remember reading about Karl Lagerfield and Carine Roitfeld producing a book with celebrities doing different poses wearing the iconic black tweed Chanel jacket.  I knew it would be a must read, but I didn't know later in the year there would be an exhibition in London.

Friday night, reading the latest edition of Elle, I found that at a photographic exhibition of the Chanel's Little Black Jacket is at the Saatchi Gallery, in Chelsea.  I could not miss out on this chance, so I told my mum that we HAVE to take a trip to Chelsea.

A normal 20min drive took us 40min as Saturday is the busiest day in London. But eventually, we got there.  I've never been to the Saatchi Gallery before, but I followed where the people clutching tubes of posters that read LITTLE BLACK JACKET were leaving from.

The room was cramped with people glazing at the rows of star studded black and white photos. I strolled around the entire room whilst my mum, thankfully, stood in line for a free poster of a photograph of Georgia May Jagger.  The elite A-list celebs wore the jacket in their very own style.  An excellent way to show its versatility!  Some wore it quirky, some wore it casually, some wore it gracefully.  It really made my mum and I want to have our own a little Chanel black jacket; but we took it back when we realised what the price of one was.

One of my favourite of the photographs would be seeing (well the back of) Anna Wintour. My mum and I both agreed that she, out of all the celebs, can only do this because anyone would know who she is by just looking at the back of her head.

Ahhh, looking at these well known and successful stars inspired me to one day be among them, posing in a little black jacket for all to drool over  see.


(taken with Nikon D3100)

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