Chanel's Little Black Jacket

A while back I remember reading about Karl Lagerfield and Carine Roitfeld producing a book with celebrities doing different poses wearing the iconic black tweed Chanel jacket.  I knew it would be a must read, but I didn't know later in the year there would be an exhibition in London.

Friday night, reading the latest edition of Elle, I found that at a photographic exhibition of the Chanel's Little Black Jacket is at the Saatchi Gallery, in Chelsea.  I could not miss out on this chance, so I told my mum that we HAVE to take a trip to Chelsea.

A normal 20min drive took us 40min as Saturday is the busiest day in London. But eventually, we got there.  I've never been to the Saatchi Gallery before, but I followed where the people clutching tubes of posters that read LITTLE BLACK JACKET were leaving from.

The room was cramped with people glazing at the rows of star studded black and white photos. I strolled around the entire room whilst my mum, thankfully, stood in line for a free poster of a photograph of Georgia May Jagger.  The elite A-list celebs wore the jacket in their very own style.  An excellent way to show its versatility!  Some wore it quirky, some wore it casually, some wore it gracefully.  It really made my mum and I want to have our own a little Chanel black jacket; but we took it back when we realised what the price of one was.

One of my favourite of the photographs would be seeing (well the back of) Anna Wintour. My mum and I both agreed that she, out of all the celebs, can only do this because anyone would know who she is by just looking at the back of her head.

Ahhh, looking at these well known and successful stars inspired me to one day be among them, posing in a little black jacket for all to drool over  see.


(taken with Nikon D3100)


Long time no see

I'm so sorry. I have neglected you all.

I think it has been because I have been overwhelmed by the unexpected enormous workload from school. I seem to have no proper free time anymore. And when I do, it would be on Tumblr. Only because it's one click of a button and there, reblogged.

But I on tumblr it's more of rant blogging and drooling over models and such. On blogspot there's more of an individuality and every single blog is SO different. More of a chance to express anything on your mind and you won't find the exact post twice. < a big problem on tumblr.

So, I will be posting more on here. I'm trying to do Thursday, Friday and Sunday posts. Not just when I feel like it because knowing me, I wouldn't stick to it.

Also! There's so much stuff to blog about and share with you. Firstly, I've turned the big 1-8. Living in the UK being 18 means there's so much freedom and you're definitely no longer a child anymore.
This means that I'd probably be going out more, not just parties, but clubs and bars. Therefore I want to introduce London nightlife to the blog. YAY SO SOPHISTICATED. Haha. Annnnddd if I go out more it means I'd be taking photos.... on my new Nikon D3100 (the perfect birthday present from my mummy) !!! I'm so excited because I've never had an SLR and I know how much fun I'll have. I also got a Diana Mini, so when the film gets developed... Up on here it'll be!

Umm, I think that's it so far...........

There's other things, but I'll just blog about it in due time.

Love y'all

Kara x
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