Wishing to be a Nasty Gal

I know I'm not the only one who can spend hours on Nasty Gal.com

This is hands down my favourite American online store. And it's such a frickin' pity (American accent needed) that the shipping is incredibly expensive to deliver to the UK.
Shipping might even cost more than an item of clothes!

Therefore, when I become a billionaire, so frickin' bad, I'm gonna buy all of the things on Nasty Galllll. And I don't even have to care about the shipping, cos I'll just fly over to the states and get them delivered to my Malibu beach house or my Miami penthouse. Simple as.

Wishing to be a Nasty Gal

Sheer dress

Mesh bodycon dress

Mesh top

Scoop white top

One piece swimsuit

Sheer swimwear

Chiffon Kimono Jacket

Studded shoes

Chain jewelry

Antique gold jewelry


Baby I got a plan, runaway as fast as you can.

Nearly the end of August. And I've only done three posts? -__- disappointed face is needed. And I don't even have an excuse for my bad blogging. Oh well!

I think it's another holdiay/get me outta here post... I definitely need some new scenery in life.


i wanna car like that

Reminds me of a scene from a Lana Del Rey song.

i really dont wanna be in this country right now

Busy street, somewhere in Asia

Who doesn't love a pretty pink sky?


New York City

New York City from above. 
I find it oddly interesting that everything is so perfectly structured. Boxes, squares, rectangles...
And looking at how HUGE Central Park is!?


royal bank of canada, toronto

A bank in Toronto. Fancy, huh?



um, holiday, like, now

Summer fruity tropicana chicas.

Charlotte Free (lookalike?) and that lovely pink motel

- You should know that I have an obsession with pink motels

i need a body chain

RiRi got that summer beach look going orrnn.

I’ll never forget this restaurant #lasvegas (Taken with Instagram)

Now this picture, I love it. Probably because I've taken it, but it reminds me of my holiday in Las Vegas this year in January. It was, possibly , definitely the most expensive restaurants I've ever been to. It's located in the heart of Vegas, called the Stratosphere. It's incredible. A restaurant that rotates at over 800 feet, allowing you to see all of the lights, sparkles and dazzles of Viva Las Vegas. 

Damn, I wanna get away.

But it makes me glad that I'll be gone for a few days to Manchester this weekend. I know Manchester isn't the sunniest or most thrilling places in the world. But I love it. I reminds me of my home town London, only half the size. And all my family members up there are the loveliest people, ever.
It's the only place in the UK, other than London, that I know and visit the most in the UK.
Gutted Manchester Uni don't do the course that I want to do.


Back To Braces

Braces are back. Really? I don't know if I'd actually be able to pull this one off, but I'll like to see this on the models or real fashionistas.

I remember when I used to wear braces with neon blue skinny jeans, pink Nike top and multi-coloured hearts on a blue hoodie from Primark. And, I thought I looked good. I guess I could get a picture of me wearing this... But every organ in me will cringe to the fullest that I would not be able to even type this post. Ok, bit extreme, but it would be embarrassing.  

Reading September issue of Elle with Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, there were sections of must wear for A/W. Braces caught my eye because I still have them in my draw, but thinking how could I wear them? Maybe wear them something like these two lovelies:

Or maybe it's just them that makes braces look super cool.

Hit, or miss?


Dior Addict Advert

Best advert out now. Whenever there's an ad break I pray that it will come on. It's fun, cute, sexy, cheerful and cheeky - all at once. The director of this work is the quirky talented Jonas Akerland. It was such a surprise when I found out he directed it, as he is my favourite director! The caption underneath the video on the Youtube channel says Dior Addict is the art of seduction and being free; which Akerland and the sweet and charming Daphne Groeneveld capture perfectly.

Enjoy, the director's cut version. It's longer!!

(youtube, tumblr)
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