Sienna + Journalism Rant

I remember seeing Vogue's April 2012 edition of cover girl Sienna Miller. I've never been a fan of Sienna, heck, I've never seen a film that she's been in.

But after I saw Alfie (2004) I understood the excitement. She's effortlessly cool and so pretty it makes your confidence in yourself cry. Watching Alfie it is blatantly obvious to see the chemistry between Jude Law and her. I mean, who wouldn't want to run up to her and kiss her face off?

Ok. Bit too far.

I wanted to highlight this particular column in Vogue was because whilst talking about Sienna and her troubles with paparazzi it also states the problem of journalists becoming spies.
May sound strange, but journalists are wanting to know anything and everything about celebrities. From raiding bins and sneaking into deleted emails, Sienna has experienced it all from these Showbiz mags.
As an inspiring journalist, I don't see the joy in knowing the bees knees and all the dirty little secrets and rumors. Although I do enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching E! news, I still find it strange when you know who's dating who or who's talking to who. Especially when they have no clue who YOU are. We forget that celebs are individuals, humans, people! Just doing a job! They want privacy. Let's give it to them.

When did journalism become hated by celebs? When did entertainment become loving gossip about celebrity affairs?

Sorry, I'm having a big blog rant right now. But it's an issue that has to be dealt with. I hate the feeling of people questioning my job ambition wondering why I want to spend my career following celeb lives?... that's not what I want to do.

I want to talk about interesting and thrilling news, and not this silly childish bedroom bitchy gossip. Let's write about what they want us to write about, not what they are hiding away from us.


Oh, yes. To leave on a happier note. Aren't these pictures beautiful? Haven't seen a better editorial than this is Vogue in a while. 
The gracefulness of the birds and petals fluttering away leaving Sienna looking effortlessly peaceful, as always.
The last image of Sienna holding those funeral flowers are quite daunting, but yet remarkably pretty and quite humorous, right? 

I've been a bad blogger

You've been a bad blogger KarKar, a very very bad bad blogger!

I've been caught up with so many things lately, even though I'm in summer hols, but I promise to put up more posts, such as:

- Secret Garden Party festival photos
- Music reviews
- Film reviews
- New buys - Favourite items
- Inspirations
- Outfit posts

...Anyone noticed where I've got the quote that I changed from? Anyone?


Wireless Festival: The Weeknd

Yesterday I went to one of the best day festivals you could ever go to.

Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, London set up tents for acts such as Professor Green, Example, Angel, Delilah, Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd, Labrinth, Tulisa, Rita Ora, Nero, The Dream, D'banj, Nicki Minaj and, my future hubby, Drake.

Yep, all those acts for the price of basically one of those A-list artists. The weather wasn't brilliant, but as long as you have your weelies, rain-mac and your best singing in the rain voice, you're good to go.

I was super excited to see The Weeknd, as he doesn't do that many tours, this festival was a must. I've only been a favourite of his for only some time now. But I was instantly mesmerized by his cool and seduction voice. He. Is. Amazing. Live. He sounds just as good live, actually even better, then recordings. If you haven't already heard his masterpieces, see below.

Oh yeah, and Drake was incredible. Obviously. To be frank, the sound system wasn't that good, because it is in an open space and I was a bit far away from the stage, nevertheless myself and the crowd around me rapped, sang and danced in perfect unison.

The Weeknd : image taken on instagram


Leomie Anderson

Just finished watching this interview of Leomie Anderson, who I recognised from a Channel 4 documentary called the Model Agency (a must-watch!) and I had to dedicate this post to Leomie!

She's such an average girl who was scouted by Premier modelling agency at a bus stop coming home from school.... in her school uniform, at the age 14! Happily, I have seen her on a few fashion sites, editorials and runways here and there. And obviously being black and coming from London too, I'm sooo excited seeing her make her breakthrough in the (unfortunately quite racist) fashion industry.

Model Upgrade: Interview with Leomie Anderson: The Essential Upgrades With Galaxy

The interviewer is one of my favourite Vlogger ever! She's so bubbly and always giving good tips on hair, fashion, make up and life it's self. 

True inspiration.

(Saty+Pratha - Fashion Gone Rogue, tumblr, youtube)

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