Song of the Week: Iggy Azalea - Work

About last year I started listening to Iggy Azalea - the Australian blonde who raps as if she is a dude straight outta Atlanta, gloating about all her moneys that she be earning with her big booty hoes. 
I briefly read a review about her in some magazine saying how she was the next big thing. Without hesitation, (I was interested what an Australian rapper would sound like to be honest) I searched her up on YouTube and googled her name. 

The first video I watched of her was 'Pu$$y', yes, it was because the name of the song intrigued me. I watched her, in awe - admiration and confusion. She raps in such a fast flow that is slightly incomprehensible at first; maybe this is a trick of hers so you don't instantly get shocked by her crude, vulgar language and metaphors. 
Not only was I confused about what she was saying, but... She puzzled me. Yes I've seen many white rappers, females too. But she literally looked like my Barbie doll. A Barbie doll with a big a$$ and a dirrty mouth. Pretty girls rapping - I loves it.

So I became more interested, went on her website and her mixtape was just sitting there waiting for me to download. 'Ignorant Art' was it's name. And what a fantastic mixtape. Each song had a different flow, a different rhythm, a different purpose and a different meaning. Some spoke about true love, falling in love with the wrong guy, difficulties on being white and female in a male black music industry... and she also mentions sex, strippers and a lot of money talking. I couldn't stop listening to it.

I liked it. I really did. She wasn't really that popular so I made sure my friends knew who she was and I wanted to know their opinions. 

I would trick my friends and say, "oh listen to this rapper, she's real good." They would listen, say "yeah, its cool" then that's when I'd surprise them and admit that she's actually white, and Australian. I could tell they were definitely shocked. Who's every heard of an Australian rapper? And apart from Kylie, who knows that many Australian music artists?

I'm rambling. Only because I wanted to post this like last year. But the whole point of this post was to show y'all that she's got a new song out, and a banging video to go with it. 

This song is definitely the song of the week. Only hearing it on Tuesday, I can't get the lyrics out of my head. I even went to bed singing "no money, no family, sixteen in the middle of Miami" over and over and over and over again. Until I fell asleep thinking I was a rapper. 

There's something about this video I really like. Haha, I've even watched this video everyday so far. 1. I like her clothes 2. I LURVE her hair that whips like a dominatrix 3. that a$$ bro...

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