It's all in black and white

It's becoming difficult for me to not buy something that is either black or white. I used to love colour! My favourite colour is pink! Though you would rarely see me wearing pink. 

Looking at my wardrobe, the majority of it looks like it belongs to a Parisian drama student. Black dresses, black tops, black trousers, etc. I try so hard not to leave the house wearing all dark clothes. 

If I'm not wearing something dark, then it will be white. I love white. The white and black combo is my fav - ah, monochrome, ah, so lovely. 

If you take a look at my tumblr you'd see reoccurring outfits photos of girls wearing white and/or black. It's such an inspiration to me - also makes me wonder if I could dare to change my style completely and go monochrome. I'd wear beautiful sheer black shirts with leather white jackets, paired with Celine-like black heeled sandals... sounds heavenly. Black and white is so easy, no fuss and no need to see if you're clashing too many colours together. 

If I do dare to do this, this will be my inspiration, my go-to when I'm clueless on outfit ideas:




(photos and source from tumblr, collage made by fotor)

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