The return of the Scrunchie

Whether you like it or not, scrunchies are making a come back. By the likes of Cara Delevigne, Selena Gomez and J-Lo they are bringing back the 80s vibe.

Harper's Bazaar gives five reasons to why you must step far far away from scrunchies. One reason being, it is an 'unsophisticated accessory' that should be avoided like the bandana and the bum-bag.

Sod what Bazaar thinks. Ever since I purchased my scrunchie from American Apparel, I can't see what you could dislike? They create volume, great for your hair (made with anti-breakage material), so comfortable and create more bursts of colour to an outfit. Fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vivenne Westwood and Missoni are bringing the cringe from the 80s to the present. Who doesn't love a bit of tackiness?


Opt for a cheaper scrunchie than Marc Jacobs £20 ones. 

These American Apparel beauties are for £4.50

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